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Is Counseling Worth the Cost?

Life is expensive and built or destroyed by the choices made. Priorities are revealed by noting where money is spent. These choices either increase or decrease the quality of life. Choices are usually made between two desirable things. To choose one is to sacrifice the other. Often one brings immediate satisfaction and the other requires delayed gratification.

When individual and/or relationship health needs professional intervention, other desires should be sacrificed until mental and relationship health is restored. When counseling is denied or delayed, the loss in the quality of the relationships may deteriorate beyond repair.

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    Why is Marriage So Difficult?

    Marriage and long-term relationships are exacting. They require hard work and great effort to do well. They start out with such promise.   Read More...

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    Parenting: No Simple Task

    It’s conception and the takeover begins. Menses ends. Life becomes seasick and the waistline swells signaling that life will never again be the same.   Read More...

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    The Porn Trap

    We are natural voyeurs. We never seem to tire of watching other people. Our inveterate curiosity tempts us to snoop and gossip.   Read More...

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    Dancing on Ice

    The most beautiful and descriptive picture of marriage is a world class ice-dancing couple.  To achieve success, each must first become competent as an ice-dancer in individual competition.  The self-mastery required to become a competent solo dancer equips each to master the intricate skills required to dance with a partner.Consider the difficult and dangerous moves in which the couple must become competent if they are to survive and to become competitive.   Read More...

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When Marriage Needs a Mulligan

It started out so well.  From the time their paths crossed, they were drawn together with a force they did not want to resist.  Dating led to engagement and on into marriage. Read More...golfer taking a mulligan on marriage

If It Is Unsafe to Tell You No... I Cannot Tell You Yes

If it is unsafe for me to tell you “No,” what happens if I do?  If it is unsafe for me to tell you “No,” and I tell you “Yes,” what does my yes mean?  If it is not safe to tell you “No,” does it matter to you what I think, feel, and want?  If what I think, feel, and want does not matter to you, how do you think I feel about my life in this relationship?  If it is unsafe for me to tell you “No” then you do not care what is important to me and cannot love me, so the relationshi...  Read More...young married couple is it safe to say no

Parenting: No Simple Task

It’s conception and the takeover begins. Menses ends. Life becomes seasick and the waistline swells signaling that life will never again be the same. Read More...

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Maintaining Your Balance in Uncertain Times

Life is uncertain and hard.  Yet, life at its most difficult is liberating and good.  It calls us to our best and most determined self.  It separates us from our stuff so that our true self is able to emerge.  It enables us to differentiate that which is of lasting value from things with temporary satisfaction.  It separates the overcomer from the ones who are overcome.  It weeds out the weak and tests the strong to make them stronger.  It is impartial neither... Read More...woman with headache in uncertain times

When Sex Was Good

When the relationship was new, being apart was intolerable, telephone conversations lasted hours and all thoughts concerned the next time they would be together.  Thoughts anticipating their next meeting fill the waking hours and their dreams at night.  Passion brightened the day and illuminated the night.  Love making was urgent and filled with a longing which could only be experienced.  Everything was fun when together and inadequate when apart.  Focused on each other... Read More...older couple hugging

The Parenting War

It is a never ending war over who has the right plan and method to parent the children. Each parent is sincerely confident that the other is wrong and must be stopped or the children will be ruined. Meanwhile, the children craftily play one parent against the other in order to get what they want.Here is one play in the playbook of managing your parents. Read More...happy young man in the parenting war

To Swat or Not

Have you noticed that children are born wild? They come into this world needing to be housebroken and domesticated.  They are self-centered, demanding and unaware of their parent’s needs and desires.  They sleep when they want to sleep and impatiently demand to be fed when they are hungry. When their bottom is wet or dirty, they fuss and fret until someone tries to change their diaper. They then fight against the effort of the person trying to restore their comfort.When they... Read More...little girl sticking her tongue out

Listen to be Heard

Words are powerful. Once spoken cannot be taken back. Argument is a war in which everyone loses. Read More...

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